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  1. Nisrina Ramadhani
    April 8, 2020

    Yeah every single person must have their own life obstacles toward something they really want to achieve in future, the IGN Self Development is suitable for everyone to build their strong mind to make a decision. Besides, the mentor has explained in general word to be discerned easily by adding several examples in real life, the way we have to find the root problems, the way we have to choose possibilities to do, then we solve the best we can do, so that we could share the way we think outside of our boundaries thought.”
    -Nisrina Ramadhani, Indonesia

  2. Kouben-wood
    April 8, 2020

    ” I, back to the years ignore what I truly wanted to do, yes I found my way, I’m at college and studying something I like but still there are some details that I ignore till before this session and now I know that I need to ask 5 or more WHY in other to find what’s wrong with anything I’m doing when I find problems though. And I also have enough skills to be a better person and have good impacts on people. ”

    Kouben-wood Florvilus from Haiti

  3. Fernando Carvalho Gama
    April 8, 2020

    ” Honestly, this session helps me a lot to my future career. Currently, I’m a university student at National University of Timor Lorosa’e majoring in Law. So, I have gained thousands of knowledge
    about to become a great problem solver particularly in Hypothetical basic analizing.
    In my country, we have a Police Scientific Investigation and Criminal(PCIC) which related to both side( my academic background and this self development class) who taught by Ms. Sherly Annavita and to capacitate me in various method of solving problem.
    I guarantee my future plan to work as an expert lawyer in this institution (PCIC) or any other institution.
    Special thanks to Ms. Sherly Annavita. ”
    Fernando Carvalho Gama – Timor Leste