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MUN 101 E-Learning by IGN


Introducing the Most Comprehensive Method of MUN learning with hundreds of learning videos, Q&A, and sharing with a community of young people and MUNers from around the world

Have you ever been in any of these situations

A first-timer in MUN who has no clue on what to prepare and how to start

Having a low self-confidence because you have very little experience with MUN

Doubting your public speaking and English writing skills, so you want to upgrade them in no time

Afraid of making mistakes in MUN

Confused about how to improve diplomacy skills and to have brilliant negotiation skills in MUN

Worry that your insecurities make you lose a big opportunity to build international networks in MUN conference

Willing to be a champion and to get rewards in every MUN conference, but it never happened, so you want to increase the percentage of success to get it

All of those difficulties above make you afraid to join MUN Conference ?

It’s okay…
no one can become an expert in one shot…
and there’s always be the first time for everything…

All of those difficulties above make you afraid to do it again?

When you find difficulties and you get stuck, it doesn't mean that you can't!

When you find difficulties and you get stuck, it doesn't mean that you can't!

but you just need to learn and train yourself to become an expert in Model United Nations

International Global Network as the Organizer of many International Model United Nations conferences such as

We found out that so many delegates did not prepare for the meeting sessions. As the Organizer, we feel very sorry if the Delegates unable to maximize the experience of participating in our Model United Nations conferences.

That’s why International Global Network tries to Provide Lessons from MUN Experts so that delegates can maximize their experience in MUN conferences.

Here we introduce MUN 101 E-Learning

MUN 101 E-Learning All-in-one Platform where you can learn everything about MUN. These are everything you will get by taking MUN 101 E-Learning :

You can get all of these benefits only for

USD $70

$14 Only


$14 Only

Only available in :

  • 00Days
  • 00Hrs
  • 00Min
  • 00Sec

10% will be donate to people affected by COVID19

There are 3 modules that you will get in MUN 101 E-Learning:

Module 1

1. Discovering UN and MUN
2. About Model United Nations
3. MUN Procedures
4. Documents in MUN
5. Speeches in MUN

Module 2

1. What Can We Get and Learn from MUN
2. How to Start Your First MUN
3. How to Negotiate in MUN
4. How to Write a Good Position Paper
5. Secret Recipe to Create the Best 5 Important Papers in MUN

Module 3

1. Introduction by Anggoro Pandhito! How to be an expert at MUN
2. Drafting in Model United Nations Like Pro!
3. How to be an Expert at MUN Public Speaking Part 1
4. How to be an Expert at MUN Public Speaking Part 2
5. Prepare your MUN Conference like Pro ! How to be an expert at MUN

Lifetime MUN Community on Secret Facebook group

Lifetime MUN Community on Secret Facebook group

Not only lesson modules, you will also get the facilities to enter the Community, in the form of a Secret Group on Facebook. In this group, we will invite experts who will routinely hold live discussions.

And also all of the sharing sessions with the experts will be recorded and you will get the access to the sharing sessions whenever you want.

Our Secretariat

Victor Arribas Martinez


Cut Jihan Shavira


Alibek Dosakhanov


Salman Haider


Sharon Mwitari


Irsan Efendi


Vianca Caitlyn


Andre Jose Fuentes


Aiman Annas


Apostolos S.


Andeta Karamina


Daria Kisseleva


Teaser Video e-Learning

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If you are still in doubt, here are some reviews from some of our delegates who have participated in our Model United Nations conferences

Adolvo Alfarez


“It was really amazing and organized. My best experience in my entire life, and it was my ninth MUN, I really enjoyed it. The chair was so good and the tech support during the sessions was the same.”

Merilyn Ntokozo Zulu


“As a young leader i believe that it is my responsibility to improve my public speaking skills, negotiation and leadership skills which come in handy in all spheres of life, especially in the co-operate world. I am proud to say I am now more confident and audacious in voicing out my opinions ever since I took part in the Online MUN. I am looking forward to many more, this was just the beginning of many great accomplishments ahead. Thank you!”

Aqeeb Imtiaz


“This opportunity provided by the International global network is a real value addition for the purpose of developing my public speaking skills and it’s quite thrilling to communicate and discuss with other delegates on global issues and solutions. Overall a great experience and totally worth the time.”

Felicia Christabel Palar


“My Name is Felicia Christabel, a third-year student of the Faculty of Business and Economics majoring in Branding, in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. I have an interest in economic security, development, and quality education as part of the human security agenda to promote sustainable development, therefore I believe MUN is the right platform for that. MUN has developed myself into a better person and equip me for my studies throughout college life.”

Anne Marie Jossa E. Flores


“MUN taught me how important every voice and opinion should be heard. Within just a day, it helped my confidence and self-esteem. It is definitely worth a try.”

Rofel D. Espolon


“Joining the International Global Network was both an honor and a privilege. To be selected as one of the participants really gave me the opportunity to expand the horizon of my connection. But more than that, it was a venue of learning, gaining knowledge, and of leadership. ”


10% of the total income will be donated to the whole world, especially countries that need donations through social organizations who effected by covid 19, will be managed by youth from MUN community in these countries

And here are some of the partners who have worked with us

Frequently Asked Questions

MUN 101 E-Learning is a MUN 101 courses that we can obtain through the internet using our electronic device. MUN 101 E-Learning provide knowledge all about Model United Nations (MUN). It will help you to learn and gain a deep understanding of everything you need to know about MUN or before you joining any MUN conference.

Yes. This E-Learning is for everyone

You will get A complete guidance to MUN Conferences · Pro Tips to become the best delegate · Join the MUN community on Facebook with weekly sharing session with the experts · Bonus video of 100+ MUN tips and tricks and etc · A special benefit to join other International Global Networks’ MUN conferences

Yes, there will be secret facebook community. Only member can join this community

You can access this E-Learning start from USD 14

We are sorry, all fees are non refundable considering all the bonuses can be accessed immediately after you access the courses.

Make sure you are only purchasing what you need and want. Please note that once you access any E-Learning that you purchase, you no longer have the right to cancel your purchase of that E-Learning.

you will get by taking MUN 101 E-Learning :

USD $70

$14 Only


$13 Only

Only available in :

  • 00Days
  • 00Hrs
  • 00Min
  • 00Sec

10% will be donate to people affected by COVID19